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COLLATERAL — The Complete #DeFi Payment Gateway on #Polkadot. The only official community:

Collateral are pleased to announce amazing APY returns on the same day as launch!!!

COLL POOL One — 800% APY

Staking Pool One: will allow users to stake $COLL and earn $COLL. This pool will see users tokens locked for a period of 90 days and in return will earn rewards of 800% APY. The maximum individual contribution is 5000 $COLL as the total pool cap is 100,000 $COLL.

We expect this to sell out fast and look forward to rewarding out COLL Hodlers.

Ahead of tomorrows listing on Uniswap, we want to say a huge thank you to our amazing community for their loyal support! We are privileged to have you with us on at the start of this journey. We have had some fantastic backing from our strategic partners and a special mention to the guys at DuckDao, Bondly and Paid Network for facilitating our public sales.

We are excited about the final IDO tomorrow on Paid Network and the Uniswap listing. …

We are proud to announce that one of our private investors, DuckDAO, a decentralized VC will be joining the Collateral Pay advisory board and provide the project with access to its experience, network, and support for the long term.

The news shouldn’t come as a surprise as DuckDAO was one of the earliest investors in Collateral DeFi (now Collateral Pay) and it supported us throughout the entire process, providing its valuable advice and helping us deal with the challenges of running a cryptocurrency project.

Speaking about the advisor position, a DuckDAO spokesperson said:

“Collateral Pay cuts close to home for…

Defi offers a new world of financial opportunities, providing a permissionless alternative to the costly, slow, and often inaccessible legacy system and its product structures.

Unlike fiat, however, it can be hard to utilize those digital assets outside of the defi ecosystem, with a lack of gateways to the real world.

Built on the multi-chain Polkadot network, Collateral aims to deliver a bridge between fiat and defi with a unique range of products that can unlock the value of crypto assets and realize it by enabling payments at the point of sale in a growing network of global merchants and…

With the completion of our latest private sale, we wanted to provide an insight into the funding we received from a number of leading venture capital (VC) firms.

It was enormously gratifying to see how much interest was generated by our vision for a Polkadot-powered decentralized payment gateway — particularly given the time and effort that’s gone into developing it. Collateral Defi enables users to leverage crypto as collateral at the point of sale, as well as stake, save and loan. If you don’t mind us saying so, it’s a veritable defi powerhouse.

To receive investment from the likes of…

We are absolutely delighted that Blocksync Ventures has invested in Collateral. Blocksync’s mission to accelerate the development of blockchain interoperability and Web3 technologies, makes for an ideal and long term strategic relationship.

Collateral Defi Is Bringing Collateralized Fiat Gateway to Polkadot

With the explosion of decentralized financial activity, Collateral Defi is creating a platform allowing anyone to unlock additional value from their cryptocurrencies without having to sell their actual underlying asset base. Building on the themes and possibilities presented by decentralized collateralized loan networks, one of the most popular defi use cases with many multi-billion dollar platforms, Collateral Defi allows users to collateralize their holdings to act as a…

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